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  • Episode 114 Pink Rock Star

    Episode 114 Pink Rock Star

    Ep. 114 Pink Rock Star This week we have a detailed talk about the Urban Redux Super Mystery Chasers. We also discuss the Star Wars 3 and Wild West reveals and the Cutesters en Vogue and Mickey Through the Years releases. Of course we have a full release and events calendar as well. Listen in Popup […]

  • Episode 111 Cuppa Tea

    Episode 111 Cuppa Tea

    Ep. 111 Cuppa Tea This week we talk about the announcement of Beauty and the Beast, Silly Symphony and more Park Starz 2. Also, Julie Young makes some strong and intriguing statements about the hobby and upcoming sets. We also interview Jordan Ahern, the film maker behind a documentary on the Custom Toy scene. And of course, we have the latest release dates […]

  • Episode 112 Knight

    Episode 112 Knight

    Ep. 112 Knight This week we review the Park Starz 2 and Park 12 lineups in detail. Also, with the leak of Urban Redux at DHS, we talk about the twists Disney added to this rebooted series. There is also news about DCL, Studio Store and Monsters University figures, a Vinylmation egg hunt and a major […]

  • Two More Redux Super Chasers Pulled

    Two More Redux Super Chasers Pulled

    Last week two more Urban Redux Super Chasers were pulled from blind boxes. The first was fond in Disneyland by Vinylmation Exchange member Larry Alvarado. He was rewarded with the Ninja cat designed by Maria Clapsis. Then, on the other coast, a Space Monkey designed by Enrique Pita was pulled by Eric Pellegrino at Walt […]

  • Episode 133 Cry Baby

    Episode 133 Cry Baby

    Ep. 133 Cry Baby This week we talk about Park 13, the Medieval series and Redux Super Chasers. We also go over the entire history of the Park series and look at the evolution of the designs and set make ups. We give our opinions on the highs and lows and also predict what the future […]

  • Urban Redux 2 Chaser Revealed

    by Brendt Today, the official Vinylmation blog posted an article revealing the Urban Redux 2 Chaser. Take a look at the vinyl below: Thomas Scott designed this figure, and I absolutely love it. I hope that’s the image he thinks of all of us collectors, be it at a trading event, a signing event, or […]

  • Episode 138 Side Mickey

    Episode 138 Side Mickey

    Ep. 138 Side Mickey This week we talk about the release of Jingle Smells 3, the reveal of the Urban Redux 2 Chaser and some new Japan figures for the holidays. We also have a full release and events calendar. Download podcast

  • Episode 140 Sumo

    Episode 140 Sumo

    Ep. 140 Sumo This week we talk about Urban Redux 2’s Variants, the reveal of Mickey Through the Years set 2 and new vinyls in Japan. We also discuss some Disney Infinity and Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Download podcast

  • Episode 110 Blue/Yellow Gear Bear

    Episode 110 Blue/Yellow Gear Bear

    Ep. 110 Blue/Yellow Gear Bear This week we have a ton of news to cover including Animation 3, Jr. 8, Tokyo 30th and much more. We also run down Chuck’s list of proposed WDW Resort vinyls and talk about the reorganization of D-Street Orlando. And of course, we give you the complete release and events calendar. Stay tuned […]

  • Urban Redux Secrets Reveled

    Urban Redux Secrets Reveled

    The wait is over. Urban Redux has been mistakenly released at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Villains in Vogue store before the official March 22 release date. (part of the promotion or mistake?) Some photos and info have been posted on the Vinylmation Exchange Facebook page, posted by Andrew M. Pitts. First of all, a case has 8 figures. The biggest […]