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  • Star Wars 3 Explained

    Star Wars 3 Explained

    Star Wars Series 3 Release Date: (varies, see below) Disney is spreading out the SW vinyl releases over the four Star Wars Weekends: Vinylmation™ – Star Wars™ Series 3 Release Date at Darth’s Mall DHS: May 17, 2013 Release Date other WDW and DLR locations: May 20, 2013 Edition Size: Limited Release Retail: $12.95, plus tax […]

  • Episode 114 Pink Rock Star

    Episode 114 Pink Rock Star

    Ep. 114 Pink Rock Star This week we have a detailed talk about the Urban Redux Super Mystery Chasers. We also discuss the Star Wars 3 and Wild West reveals and the Cutesters en Vogue and Mickey Through the Years releases. Of course we have a full release and events calendar as well. Listen in Popup […]

  • Star Wars 3 Checklist by David Kramp

    Star Wars 3 Checklist by David Kramp

    Over on Vinylmation Exchange a cool picture popped up. David Kramp of Vinylmation Exchange put together this sheet to explain all the figures coming out in the new Star Wars 3 set. For those of us who are not Star Wars expert, David has listened all the names of the characters to make it easier […]

  • Episode 121 Tom Morrow Chaser

    Episode 121 Tom Morrow Chaser

    Ep. 121 Tom Morrow Chaser A long, long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away. Two intrepid podcasters set out to broadcast the news of Vinylmation to all known lands. They had on board a set of Star Wars series 3 to review and even talked to one of the set’s designers, Maria Clapsis. They encountered other […]

  • Star Wars 3 Photoshoot

    Star Wars 3 Photoshoot

    I can’t wait for some kind of Star Wars land expansion… so I have more spots to take photos of Vinylmation! In the mean time, we use the limited space provided at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We took series 3 of Star Wars around the park. I hope you enjoy.