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  • A Closer Look at Silly Symphony

    A Closer Look at Silly Symphony

    The Silly Symphonies were a series of animated shorts produced by Walt Disney Productions. There was a total of 75 made between 1929 and 1939. Each short was unique, in that, with few exceptions, they did not contain reoccurring characters. The Silly Syphonies are a very important part of Disney’s animation history, because they were a testing…

  • Episode 111 Cuppa Tea

    Episode 111 Cuppa Tea

    Ep. 111 Cuppa Tea This week we talk about the announcement of Beauty and the Beast, Silly Symphony and more Park Starz 2. Also, Julie Young makes some strong and intriguing statements about the hobby and upcoming sets. We also interview Jordan Ahern, the film maker behind a documentary on the Custom Toy scene. And of course, we have the latest release dates…

  • Skeleton Dance?

    Skeleton Dance?

    Today in 1929, Disney’s first Silly Symphony was completed. It was titled “Skeleton Dance”. We thought this would be a good time to remind everyone that the Silly Symphony series will be coming to stores this year and we think the Skeleton Dance is high on the list of possible figure designs. I personally think…

  • Episode 136 Ice Cream Sundae

    Episode 136 Ice Cream Sundae

    Ep. 136 Ice Cream Sundae This week we talk about the release of Silly Symphony and the Food and Wine Festival blind box. And we have a schedule of artist signings to announce. We also announce the categories for the 2013 Dee Vee Awards and ask for your nominations.  Download podcast