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  • Episode 143 Texting

    Episode 143 Texting

    Ep. 142 Texting This week we review Park 13 and the Frozen vinyls. We also talk about the new Hawaii and Vegas figures featuring Stitch. This episode is also our 2013 Dee Vee Award wrap up were we run down some of the numbers from and interesting stats from the show. Download podcast

  • Episode 131 3D Mickey Chaser

    Episode 131 3D Mickey Chaser

    Ep. 131 3D Mickey Chaser This week we review the D23 Expo. The Vinylmation, the events, the stores and the people. Nick chooses his set of year and MC says not so fast. We also have news about a new Nightmare blind box series, more NYC vinyls, Halloween Tokyo figures and much more. Listen in Popup […]

  • 2013 Christmas Special: Episode SP4 Toy Soldier

    2013 Christmas Special: Episode SP4 Toy Soldier

    Ep. SP4 Toy Soldier For this year’s Christmas special, Nick and MC took on Frank Capra’s classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” and gave it a Disney Vinylmation spin. (Previous Christmas Specials: 2010, 2011, 2012) Download podcast

  • Episode 132 Cactus

    Episode 132 Cactus

          Ep. 132 Cactus   This week we give a step by step rundown of what to expect at the Reflections of Evil trading event. We also go over the full calendar of events. All that, and a look at new NYC and Tokyo vinys and a peek at Villains Series 4. Listen in […]

  • Episode 111 Cuppa Tea

    Episode 111 Cuppa Tea

    Ep. 111 Cuppa Tea This week we talk about the announcement of Beauty and the Beast, Silly Symphony and more Park Starz 2. Also, Julie Young makes some strong and intriguing statements about the hobby and upcoming sets. We also interview Jordan Ahern, the film maker behind a documentary on the Custom Toy scene. And of course, we have the latest release dates […]

  • Episode 133 Cry Baby

    Episode 133 Cry Baby

    Ep. 133 Cry Baby This week we talk about Park 13, the Medieval series and Redux Super Chasers. We also go over the entire history of the Park series and look at the evolution of the designs and set make ups. We give our opinions on the highs and lows and also predict what the future […]

  • Episode 112 Knight

    Episode 112 Knight

    Ep. 112 Knight This week we review the Park Starz 2 and Park 12 lineups in detail. Also, with the leak of Urban Redux at DHS, we talk about the twists Disney added to this rebooted series. There is also news about DCL, Studio Store and Monsters University figures, a Vinylmation egg hunt and a major […]

  • Episode 135 Green Thumb

    Episode 135 Green Thumb

    Ep. 135 Green Thumb This week the theme is “un-released.” We talk about the leaked photos of Villains 4, the un-released figures pulled out of Reflections of Evil trading boxes and artwork of un-produced figures that made it to the internet. Also, Matt from Vinylmation Kingdom stops by to give his take on the RoE previews. […]

  • Episode 116 Red Gear Bear

    Episode 116 Red Gear Bear

    Ep. 116 Red Gear Bear This week we talk about Animation 3 and the upcoming trade nights. In our feature topic, we discuss what we each believe is the high point of the Vinylmation hobby to date. And in Mystery Mail Bag, we tackle the differences and similarities between the Parks and Disney Store releases. Listen […]

  • Episode 136 Ice Cream Sundae

    Episode 136 Ice Cream Sundae

    Ep. 136 Ice Cream Sundae This week we talk about the release of Silly Symphony and the Food and Wine Festival blind box. And we have a schedule of artist signings to announce. We also announce the categories for the 2013 Dee Vee Awards and ask for your nominations.  Download podcast