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  • Episode 106 Stitch

    Episode 106 Stitch

    Ep. 106 Stitch Two big topics broke in the past week… The release of Whiskers and Tales and the possible decrease in Cast Member trading at the WDW parks. We tackle both these topics and read your comments. We also have the latest news and up to date release and events calendar. Listen in Popup Player […]

  • Episode 121 Tom Morrow Chaser

    Episode 121 Tom Morrow Chaser

    Ep. 121 Tom Morrow Chaser A long, long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away. Two intrepid podcasters set out to broadcast the news of Vinylmation to all known lands. They had on board a set of Star Wars series 3 to review and even talked to one of the set’s designers, Maria Clapsis. They encountered other […]

  • Episode 140 Sumo

    Episode 140 Sumo

    Ep. 140 Sumo This week we talk about Urban Redux 2’s Variants, the reveal of Mickey Through the Years set 2 and new vinyls in Japan. We also discuss some Disney Infinity and Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Download podcast

  • Episode 107 XP-37 Space Cruiser

    Episode 107 XP-37 Space Cruiser

    Ep. 107 XP-37 Space Cruiser This week we discuss Cutesters en Vogue, Oz, Fantasia and more. We also have a discussion about trading at the parks and welcome two solutions. We talk to Bryan Forsberg who has opened a dialogue with Disney and has started a petition. We of course have the latest release dates as […]

  • Episode 122 DHS Clapboard

    Episode 122 DHS Clapboard

    Ep. 122 DHS Clapboard This week we cover a lot of news by Disney including the extension of the Bakery series with a new twist, the next installment of Disney Afternoon, a few LE combos for Park 12 and the turnarounds for Muppets 3. There are also rumblings about a new case size for Park 13, […]

  • Episode 141 Sunny Day

    Episode 141 Sunny Day

    Ep. 141 Sunny Day This week we review Pixar 2 and NBC 2. We talk about all the releases over the past few weeks and of course give a full run down of what will release next. There is also news about chasers, variants and other Vinylmation fun! Download podcast

  • Episode 108 Argyle

    Episode 108 Argyle

    Ep. 108 Argyle This week we talk about the upcoming Vinylmation High School series. We also discuss Funko Disney Pop! and other Disney vinyl collectibles. We tell you how you can get a Mobil Trading Box tee shirt. And of course have the up to date release and events calendar. Listen in Popup Player Download podcast

  • Episode 123 Monstro

    Episode 123 Monstro

    Ep. 123 Monstro This week we preview the Vinylmation that will be offered at this year’s D23 Expo in August. We also review the release of the Han Solo in Carbonite figure and discuss a few of the past week’s news items including the recall of Behind the Masks. Listen in Popup Player Download podcast

  • 2013 Dee Vee Award Show – Episode 142 Griffin Chaser

    2013 Dee Vee Award Show After a long break, we’re back with the results of YOUR voting. The 3rd Annual Dee Vee award show that chooses the best of the best of the past year. As always, it is filled with celebrity presenters and lots of fun! So sit back, relax and find out who […]

  • Episode 109 Bearded Man

    Episode 109 Bearded Man

    Ep. 109 Bearded Man This week we talk to Disney Design Group artist Thomas Scott. We get a glimpse at what goes into the making of a Vinylmation line and where he sees the future of the hobby. We also get to know more about him as an artist. We also of course deliver the news […]