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  • RoE: Pixar Series 2

    RoE: Pixar Series 2

    Pixar Series 2 was designed by the Disney Store artists Gerald Mendez and Enrique Pita (as opposed to Series 1, a Disney Design Group set). The series has been reduced to 8 figures in a blind box set. It features Boo and Little Mikey, Dory, Dot, Alpha, Emile, Elastigirl and Mr. Pricklepants and Mystery Chaser. It […]

  • Episode 141 Sunny Day

    Episode 141 Sunny Day

    Ep. 141 Sunny Day This week we review Pixar 2 and NBC 2. We talk about all the releases over the past few weeks and of course give a full run down of what will release next. There is also news about chasers, variants and other Vinylmation fun! Download podcast