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  • Holiday 2 Photoshoot

    Holiday 2 Photoshoot

    Groundhog Day was not too long ago. Today is Fat Tuesday, the final day of Mardi Gras. We are a few days away from Valentine’s Day. And I suppose St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are not too far away. Why do we care? Because all those holidays are represented in the second Holiday Vinylmation series. […]

  • Urban 4 Photoshoot

    Urban 4 Photoshoot

    Urban 4 holds a special place in my collection. It was the first Urban series that I completed a set of. I always loved these designs from top to bottom. It’s always challenging taking photos of the Urban series around Walt Disney World because you really have to search for the perfect photo op. I […]

  • Urban 2 Photoshoot

    Urban 2 Photoshoot

    It was Urban 2’s turn to visit Walt Disney World for some photos. See if you can guess where some of these locations are.

  • Bakery Series Photoshoot

    Bakery Series Photoshoot

    Bakery Series Photoshoot around WDW.

  • Park 3 Photoshoot

    Park 3 Photoshoot

    Update 05/13/13 Here are the correct answers: 1. Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Animation Academy 2. Magic Kingdom: Country Bear Jamboree 3. Contemporary Resort Lobby 4. Magic Kingdom: Prince Charming Regal Carousel 5. Magic Kingdom: Cinderella’s Castle 6. Epcot: American Adventure Sign 7. Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Herbie’s Drive-In 8. Magic Kingdom: Plaza Rose Garden 9. Magic Kingdom: […]

  • Zooper Heroes Photoshoot

    Zooper Heroes Photoshoot

    When the day needs to be saved, we call upon the heroes upon us to rise up. These Zooper Heroes are always lurking in the shadows at Walt Disney World ready to jump into action. Chicken was called just in time… the chefs were about to mistake him for dinner. – Duck calls upon her […]

  • Billiards Series Photoshoot

    Billiards Series Photoshoot

    This is an odd one. We decided to take the Billiards Series around to the resorts and place them next to a corresponding number. Don’t ask me why. We just did. too much success, plenty, comfort and ever-increasing leisure? Anyway, they were each taken at a different resort. Some are blatant, and some are more […]

  • Star Wars 3 Photoshoot

    Star Wars 3 Photoshoot

    I can’t wait for some kind of Star Wars land expansion… so I have more spots to take photos of Vinylmation! In the mean time, we use the limited space provided at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We took series 3 of Star Wars around the park. I hope you enjoy.

  • Extreme Wrestlers Photoshoot

    Extreme Wrestlers Photoshoot

    Sometimes we give you straightforward photos… and sometimes we give you this. What do Extreme Wrestlers do when not beating each other up in the ring? Well, apparently they go shopping at an unlikely store inside the Magic Kingdom.

  • Urban 5 Photoshoot

    Urban 5 Photoshoot

    We took the Urban 5 series around Walt Disney World for some photos. See if you can guess where some of the locations are.