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  • Park Starz Series 1 Will Not Be Reorded

    Park Starz Series 1 Will Not Be Reorded

    It is funny at time what information Disney chooses to share and what they do not. Recently, they posted an update of sorts on Park Starz Series 1. File this under the “going, going, gone” category.  We recently learned that Vinylmation Park Starz Series 1 is almost gone.  There is a few weeks’ supply remaining…

  • Park Starz vs Uni-Minis!

    Park Starz vs Uni-Minis!

    Earlier this year, Universal Studios introduced a themed vinyl collectible of their own called Uni-Minis. While they are similar to the idea of Park Starz, there are many differences that actually equate them more to Funko’s Pop Vinyl. Uni-Minis are sold in open window boxes for $12.95, so you know what you are going to…

  • RoE: Park Starz Series 3

    RoE: Park Starz Series 3

    They always leave me wanting more. Only a single Park Starz 3 preview!!?? Really!!?? At least it is a good one. We now know that Harold from Disneyland’s Matterhorn will be in the third series. We got a look at some artwork and the injection mold. No figures were ready for preview, but I seriously…