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  • Episode 126 Primeval Whirl

    Episode 126 Primeval Whirl

    Ep. 126 Primeval Whirl This week we talk about the latest Park Starz and Disney Afternoon news. We also discuss the current atmosphere of D-Street… how has it changed? And we introduce a new segment to the show where we talk to the admins of Vinylmation Exchange about current trends in the hobby. Listen in Popup […]

  • Episode 128 Space Mountain Paris

    Episode 128 Space Mountain Paris

    Ep. 128 Space Mountain Paris This week we talk about the SDCC release of Behind the Masks 2 that was produced using Disney characters. We also discuss the release of the second series of Disney Afternoon and why it may or may not be a success. Robots, Ear Hat Ornaments and customs are also brought up. […]

  • Park Starz 2 Explained

    Park Starz 2 Explained

    I have said it on the podcast numerous times that Park Starz is the best part of Vinylmation. This second series cements that feeling. Wonderful character selection and wonderful designs. Park Starz 2 will release on May 10th, 2013 at both D-Streets and May 3rd online for $18.95 per blind tin. Here is the 12 figure lineup: […]

  • Ghostly Gus Appears

    Ghostly Gus Appears

    Not that it was a surprise to anyone at this point, but the last Park Starz 2 variant has been announced and it is a clear version of Gus from the Haunted Mansion. I was hoping for a little bit more, maybe even a three pack of the three ghosts, but this is what we […]

  • Ep. 127 Sonny Eclipse

    Ep. 127 Sonny Eclipse

    Ep. 127 Sonny Eclipse This week we talk about another guest incident at D-Street. We discuss the upcoming Oswald poster art release, WDW trade night and the premier of “Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story.” We learned the Muppets 3 chaser and indulge in a Comic Con Vinylmation Rumor. Recent releases are reviewed and Vinylmation Exchange admins […]

  • Fossil Carnotaurus Park Starz Variant July 26

    Fossil Carnotaurus Park Starz Variant July 26

    The fourth and final The Third Park Starz 2 Variant will in fact be a fossil version of the Carnotaurus as many people suspected. Thanks to Vinylmation Kingdom for uncovering this photo. It will be released on July 26.

  • Episode 130 Wet Paint Donald

    Episode 130 Wet Paint Donald

    Ep. 130 Wet Paint Donald This week we give a full D23 Expo Vinylmation and Artist Meet and Greet Preview. We also find out news about Popcorns 2, Food & Wine and an update on Reflections of Evil. Matt from Vinylmation Kingdom stops by to talk about customs, scrappers and Walt. Listen in Popup Player Download […]

  • Episode 111 Cuppa Tea

    Episode 111 Cuppa Tea

    Ep. 111 Cuppa Tea This week we talk about the announcement of Beauty and the Beast, Silly Symphony and more Park Starz 2. Also, Julie Young makes some strong and intriguing statements about the hobby and upcoming sets. We also interview Jordan Ahern, the film maker behind a documentary on the Custom Toy scene. And of course, we have the latest release dates […]

  • Episode 112 Knight

    Episode 112 Knight

    Ep. 112 Knight This week we review the Park Starz 2 and Park 12 lineups in detail. Also, with the leak of Urban Redux at DHS, we talk about the twists Disney added to this rebooted series. There is also news about DCL, Studio Store and Monsters University figures, a Vinylmation egg hunt and a major […]

  • Park Starz 2 sketches

    Park Starz 2 sketches

    Artist Casey Jones tweeted this image of sketches of the characters from Park Starz 2. It’s an interesting behind the scenes look at all the characters. We are so excited for this next series! May 3rd, get here faster!