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  • Episode 111 Cuppa Tea

    Episode 111 Cuppa Tea

    Ep. 111 Cuppa Tea This week we talk about the announcement of Beauty and the Beast, Silly Symphony and more Park Starz 2. Also, Julie Young makes some strong and intriguing statements about the hobby and upcoming sets. We also interview Jordan Ahern, the film maker behind a documentary on the Custom Toy scene. And of course, we have the latest release dates…

  • Episode 112 Knight

    Episode 112 Knight

    Ep. 112 Knight This week we review the Park Starz 2 and Park 12 lineups in detail. Also, with the leak of Urban Redux at DHS, we talk about the twists Disney added to this rebooted series. There is also news about DCL, Studio Store and Monsters University figures, a Vinylmation egg hunt and a major…

  • Park Starz 2 sketches

    Park Starz 2 sketches

    Artist Casey Jones tweeted this image of sketches of the characters from Park Starz 2. It’s an interesting behind the scenes look at all the characters. We are so excited for this next series! May 3rd, get here faster!

  • Park Starz 2 Signing with Casey Jones

    Park Starz 2 Signing with Casey Jones

    There will be a signing of Park Starz 2 with Artist Casey Jones on Friday, May 10 from 5 – 7 p.m. at D Street, Downtown Disney, Walt Disney World.

  • WDW 4/30 Trade Night Previews

    WDW 4/30 Trade Night Previews

    So, I was wrong. The WDW trade night at the ESPN Wide World of Sports was by all accounts a success. Lots of space and trading tables lining the halls. Pin traders found some great pins from CMs. Also, plenty of previews of Vinylmation, Pins and Star Wars Weekends merchandise. You can find the Pin…

  • Parks Starz 2 Variants Announced

    Kind of a tricky headline for kind of a tricky piece of news. Disney’s Vinylmation website decided to tease us a bit by telling us that there will be Park Starz 2 variants, how many there will be, how much each one will cost and the edition size of each one… but no names or…

  • Episode 120 DCL Lifeboat

    Ep. 120 DCL Lifeboat This week we talk about the Vinylmation in the Reflections of Evil catalog and review Park Starz 2. We also discuss how poorly the Reflections of Evil registration was handled by Disney. Listen in Popup Player Download podcast

  • Park Starz 2 Variants Update

    Park Starz 2 Variants Update

    Disney has released info about the first of the four variants for Park Starz 2. It will be a glow in the dark Tower of Terror Bellhop. He will be released at D-Streets on June 28 for $24.95 and will have an edition size of 2,000. I understand what the artists are going for with…

  • Park Starz 2 Photoshoot

    Park Starz 2 Photoshoot

    Park Starz is my favorite Vinylmation series. So it was exceptionally fun to take Park Starz 2 around Walt Disney World for some photos. Here is what we came up with this time.  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  – –  –  –  –  – –  –  –

  • Park Starz 2 Variant “Set” Photo Leaked

    Park Starz 2 Variant “Set” Photo Leaked

    Vinylmation Exchange posted a photo of the yet to be officially announced Park Starz 2 Variant Set that is scheduled for a July release. It looks like the Pirates of the Caribbean Red Head will be teamed up with the series one POTC Pirate Skeleton for a sepia toned combo pack. As someone who is…