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  • Park 12 Explained

    Park 12 Explained

    Park 12 Explained Release Date: June 7, 2013 (online), June 14, 2013 (Parks) Retail Price: $12.95 Update 06/16/13 A Blue Monorail Variant has surfaced. This photo was posted by Doug Robertson on Vinylmation Exchange. Update 05/03/13 Disney released turnaround photos of 11 of the figures. We can now assume the chaser is Darla from Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage…

  • I Bearly Believe This Price Tag!

    I Bearly Believe This Price Tag!

    Vinylmation Exchange has reported and Instagramed a photo of a price tag of $49.95 on the Park 12 Country Bears LE Combo. The price was reportedly going to be $39.95 and the Disney Parks Merchandise Blog still shows that lower price point as shown in this screen shot:

  • Ep. 127 Sonny Eclipse

    Ep. 127 Sonny Eclipse

    Ep. 127 Sonny Eclipse This week we talk about another guest incident at D-Street. We discuss the upcoming Oswald poster art release, WDW trade night and the premier of “Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story.” We learned the Muppets 3 chaser and indulge in a Comic Con Vinylmation Rumor. Recent releases are reviewed and Vinylmation Exchange admins…

  • Episode 112 Knight

    Episode 112 Knight

    Ep. 112 Knight This week we review the Park Starz 2 and Park 12 lineups in detail. Also, with the leak of Urban Redux at DHS, we talk about the twists Disney added to this rebooted series. There is also news about DCL, Studio Store and Monsters University figures, a Vinylmation egg hunt and a major…

  • Episode 119 Adventureland Tiki

    Episode 119 Adventureland Tiki

    Ep. 119 Adventureland Tiki This week we talk about all the June releases that were announced, the idea of lower LE/higer price tag, and some rumored upcoming vinyls and dates.  Listen in Popup Player Download podcast

  • Episode 122 DHS Clapboard

    Episode 122 DHS Clapboard

    Ep. 122 DHS Clapboard This week we cover a lot of news by Disney including the extension of the Bakery series with a new twist, the next installment of Disney Afternoon, a few LE combos for Park 12 and the turnarounds for Muppets 3. There are also rumblings about a new case size for Park 13,…

  • Episode 124 Norway Troll

    Episode 124 Norway Troll

    Ep. 124 Norway Troll This week we talk in depth about the Marvel and Little Mermaid Vinylmation series. We also discus some recent releases around the parks and Disney Stores and news about the Park Starz 2 Variants. We also review Park 12. Listen in Popup Player Download podcast