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  • Un-Masked


    Dennis Conroy posted these photos to Vinylmation Exchange today: They are photos of the upcoming Disney Store Masks Vinylmation series. Each figure comes with that piece over their head as a “mask.” They remove to uncover the character below. However, the character does not match up with the rest of the body. This could be […]

  • Rumored Release Dates and Series: Muppets, Masks and Surf

    Rumored Release Dates and Series: Muppets, Masks and Surf

    Some rumored release dates, and one never before heard of series, were posted by Vinylmation Kingdom. Remember, these are not confirmed by Disney, but let’s take a look. May 20: Masks Series We hered rumblings of this series a few months ago, now we have a rumored release date and a leaked photo posted by […]

  • Episode 123 Monstro

    Episode 123 Monstro

    Ep. 123 Monstro This week we preview the Vinylmation that will be offered at this year’s D23 Expo in August. We also review the release of the Han Solo in Carbonite figure and discuss a few of the past week’s news items including the recall of Behind the Masks. Listen in Popup Player Download podcast