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  • Episode 122 DHS Clapboard

    Episode 122 DHS Clapboard

    Ep. 122 DHS Clapboard This week we cover a lot of news by Disney including the extension of the Bakery series with a new twist, the next installment of Disney Afternoon, a few LE combos for Park 12 and the turnarounds for Muppets 3. There are also rumblings about a new case size for Park 13, […]

  • Disney Artists Assemble a MARVELous Set

    Disney Artists Assemble a MARVELous Set

    It seemed like we have been waiting to see this series forever. In truth, I am glad we had to wait. Over the past few years, while we have been enjoying the Disney and Marvel relationship with some eye candy up on the silver screen and various merchandise spread throughout the parks, the Disney Design […]

  • Episode 124 Norway Troll

    Episode 124 Norway Troll

    Ep. 124 Norway Troll This week we talk in depth about the Marvel and Little Mermaid Vinylmation series. We also discus some recent releases around the parks and Disney Stores and news about the Park Starz 2 Variants. We also review Park 12. Listen in Popup Player Download podcast

  • Agent P Mission Marvel Revealed

    Agent P Mission Marvel Revealed

    Looks like a photo has leaked of the upcoming Agent P Mission Marvel figure that will be released at Disney Stores on June 24. That date is still rumor, as not confirmed by Disney, but is reported from many Disney Stores. Vinylmation Kingdom was sent and posted this photo: I love it! Agent P is […]

  • Spotlight On: Cesar’s Marvel Disney Villains Customs

    Spotlight On: Cesar’s Marvel Disney Villains Customs

    “I was commissioned by a fan of my work to make a 3 piece villains set for the event “13 Reflections of Evil” that will take place in September. What better way to portray villains than with Marvel ones. Donald as Doctor Doom has to be the hardest carded custom to date. Donald’s beak was […]