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  • Jingle Smells 3 Features Character Nutcrackers

    Jingle Smells 3 Features Character Nutcrackers

    The 2013 installment of Vinylmation’s best smelling series will have the theme of Disney Characters as Nutcrackers. Vinylmation World has posted a leaked photo of Jingle Smells 3 and it features a peppermint scented Goofy, a Mickey that smells like sugar cookie, Minnie with a strawberry scent and a chocolate scented Donald. Like the previous…

  • Jingle Smells 3 Release Online Today

    Today was the unannounced release of the four new Jingle Smells designs for series 3. ¬†They are available at the Disney Store online for $12.95 each. This year, the figures look like Nutcrackers and like the Jingle Smells before they each have a unique scent and include an ornament like top and ribbon for hanging.…

  • Episode 138 Side Mickey

    Episode 138 Side Mickey

    Ep. 138 Side Mickey This week we talk about the release of Jingle Smells 3, the reveal of the Urban Redux 2 Chaser and some new Japan figures for the holidays. We also have a full release and events calendar. Download podcast