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  • Aloha! Mickey Surfs Washes Ashore

    Aloha! Mickey Surfs Washes Ashore

    We have been waiting to see the Mickey Surfs figure that was rumored to be coming to the Honolulu, Hawaii Disney Store. Well, thanks to Enrique Pita, the artist himself, the wait is over. It has become common place to get more info about Disney Store releases from Enrique Pita than the Disney PR outlets. […]

  • Episode 125 Orange Monorail

    Episode 125 Orange Monorail

    Ep. 125 Orange Monorail This week we talk about the news of the week including location specific releases, an update on Monsters University and the release of Beauty and the Beast. We also have an interview with Carl, the creator of ChasingVinylmation.com. Listen in Popup Player Download podcast

  • Pair of Hawaii Juniors Coming Soon

    According to artist Enrique Pita, these two juniors are “coming soon” to Hawaii Disney Stores.