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  • Fantasia G8or and Hippo

    Fantasia G8or and Hippo

    We have been waiting for this one, and Thomas Scott left it for last. The famous Gator and Hippo from Fantasia are the 8th and final two piece combo in this wonderful series. It will be released at the parks and online on June 28. Like the rest of the series, it will be $24.95…

  • Episode 119 Adventureland Tiki

    Episode 119 Adventureland Tiki

    Ep. 119 Adventureland Tiki This week we talk about all the June releases that were announced, the idea of lower LE/higer price tag, and some rumored upcoming vinyls and dates.  Listen in Popup Player Download podcast

  • Fantasia LE Combos Explained

    Fantasia LE Combos Explained

    Fantasia LE Combos Explained Release Dates: Vary. 1 per month beginning in October 2012 $24.95 This series features 8 two 3″ figure combo packs based on the 1940 Disney animated classic Fantasia. Each set is an LE 1500 and will feature some characters never before on merchandise. Update 05/03/13 Photos and release date of Series 8 Gator and…

  • Episode 105 Pirates of the Caribbean Helmsman

    Episode 105 Pirates of the Caribbean Helmsman

    Ep. 105 Pirates of the Caribbean Helmsman This week we record at the Animal Kingdom Lodge with special guest Scuba Owl. He is an avid listener and Vinylmation writer. We talk about all things vinyl and the future of the hobby. In a twist, Scuba Owl interviews us to give you the chance to learn more…

  • Fantasia 6 Announced

    Fantasia 6 Announced

    MC just missed his prediction with Cutesters 5 being shown after the podcast, but his prediction for this week came true. Today Disney showed us Fantasia combo 6: Harpy and Demon from Night on Bald Mountain. (Careful, the Harpy might not be PG.) Thomas Scott designed this set releasing on March 15th, 2013. This (like…

  • Episode 107 XP-37 Space Cruiser

    Episode 107 XP-37 Space Cruiser

    Ep. 107 XP-37 Space Cruiser This week we discuss Cutesters en Vogue, Oz, Fantasia and more. We also have a discussion about trading at the parks and welcome two solutions. We talk to Bryan Forsberg who has opened a dialogue with Disney and has started a petition. We of course have the latest release dates as…