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  • Blathering Blatherskite!

    Blathering Blatherskite!

    Wow this has been a great week for Vinylmation and a great year for Ducktales. A little while back Campcom said it would be releasing a HD version of the classic game “Ducktales”, and now Disney Afternoons is back and the first set of series 2 is Ducktales! I think I asked for it a…

  • Episode 122 DHS Clapboard

    Episode 122 DHS Clapboard

    Ep. 122 DHS Clapboard This week we cover a lot of news by Disney including the extension of the Bakery series with a new twist, the next installment of Disney Afternoon, a few LE combos for Park 12 and the turnarounds for Muppets 3. There are also rumblings about a new case size for Park 13,…