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  • Episode 110 Blue/Yellow Gear Bear

    Episode 110 Blue/Yellow Gear Bear

    Ep. 110 Blue/Yellow Gear Bear This week we have a ton of news to cover including Animation 3, Jr. 8, Tokyo 30th and much more. We also run down Chuck’s list of proposed WDW Resort vinyls and talk about the reorganization of D-Street Orlando. And of course, we give you the complete release and events calendar. Stay tuned…

  • Ep. 127 Sonny Eclipse

    Ep. 127 Sonny Eclipse

    Ep. 127 Sonny Eclipse This week we talk about another guest incident at D-Street. We discuss the upcoming Oswald poster art release, WDW trade night and the premier of “Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story.” We learned the Muppets 3 chaser and indulge in a Comic Con Vinylmation Rumor. Recent releases are reviewed and Vinylmation Exchange admins…

  • New Disneyland D-Street Display

    New Disneyland D-Street Display

    In December, Walt Disney World introduced a new display window at D-Street. It utilized a ton of different Vinylmation in a variety of wacky ways. We just learned that Disneyland has done the same. Take a look.

  • Pick up Mechanical Kingdom Cheap!

    Pick up Mechanical Kingdom Cheap!

    According to Disney, from April 26 – May 6 you can pick up Mechanical Kingdom from D-Streets for only $24 for 4! That’s pretty cool. The only down side is that Ludwig is a online exclusive! This sale is part of the limited time magic event. Do you have this set yet? Will you get…

  • Episode 126 Primeval Whirl

    Episode 126 Primeval Whirl

    Ep. 126 Primeval Whirl This week we talk about the latest Park Starz and Disney Afternoon news. We also discuss the current atmosphere of D-Street… how has it changed? And we introduce a new segment to the show where we talk to the admins of Vinylmation Exchange about current trends in the hobby. Listen in Popup…

  • RoE: Fall 2013 WDW Signings

    RoE: Fall 2013 WDW Signings

      Look at the sign we found. It looks like there will be a lot of signings this fall over at D-Street at WDW. There are some interesting dates on here too. Since most signings happen on the day of the vinyl release we can assume that Cutesters 6 comes out on December 6th. The…