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  • Collector’s Corner: Jay Valles

    Collector’s Corner: Jay Valles

    We saw Jay’s work on the internet and knew we had to show it off. Just look at the time and energy Jay put into making this a great display! DV: How long have you been collecting? Jay: I’ve been a collector since 2009, my first vinyl was the Little Green Man from Park 2 […]

  • Collector’s Corner: Matt Schlien

    Collector’s Corner: Matt Schlien

    Today’s collection is a big one. Check it out. Collection Stats:Name: Matt Schlien    Hometown: Coconut Creek, FL Collection Count: 4263″ =4109″ =6Jrs =9Park Starz =1Customs =0 How long have you been collecting? Since 2010 What is your favorite figure that you own? Woody from Toy Story because he was the first one I purchased. What […]

  • Collector’s Corner: Tony and Erica

    Collector’s Corner: Tony and Erica

    Destination Vinylmation: How long have you been collecting? Tony and Erica: Just This year…Started with Pixar1 and Robots 3. We did have a few from our last Disney trip. But wasn’t “collecting” then. We got hooked when we pulled the Pixar chaser with our 1st blox. DV: How many do you have in your collection? […]

  • Collector’s Corner: Kimiko

    Collector’s Corner: Kimiko

    How long have you been collecting? I’ve been collecting for 3 1/2 years, since October of 2009 How many vinyl do you have? According to Chasing Vinylmation, I have 878….. yikes! What was your first vinylmation? Urban 2 Cosmos What is your favorite Disney made Vinylmation? This is tough. I think my all time favorite […]

  • Collector’s Corner: Steven

    Collector’s Corner: Steven

    This week we talk to our friend Steven. Here is his collection… Destination Vinylmation: Great collection. How long have you been collecting? Steven: I’ve been seriously collecting when Pixar series one came out, I had most of the toy story ones so I finished both of those sets at the same time. DV: First vinyl […]