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  • Pixar 2 Chaser

    Pixar 2 Chaser

    Pixar 2 was released early at a UK Disney Store and a Vinylmation Kingdom staff member pulled the chaser from the series. Click below to reveal it. Pixar 2 is due out at D-Streets, Disney Stores and Online on November 15th

  • Urban Redux Super Mystery Chasers Revealed

    Urban Redux Super Mystery Chasers Revealed

    I am very impressed with the Disney Merchandise Blog. As we talked about in the last DV Podcast episode, the Merchandise Blog is taking the lead in being THE source for news on Disney theme parks merchandise releases. The official Vinylmation blog and now the official Pin blog, both redirect to the merchandise blog. I do think…

  • Two More Redux Super Chasers Pulled

    Two More Redux Super Chasers Pulled

    Last week two more Urban Redux Super Chasers were pulled from blind boxes. The first was fond in Disneyland by Vinylmation Exchange member Larry Alvarado. He was rewarded with the Ninja cat designed by Maria Clapsis. Then, on the other coast, a Space Monkey designed by Enrique Pita was pulled by Eric Pellegrino at Walt…

  • Episode 133 Cry Baby

    Episode 133 Cry Baby

    Ep. 133 Cry Baby This week we talk about Park 13, the Medieval series and Redux Super Chasers. We also go over the entire history of the Park series and look at the evolution of the designs and set make ups. We give our opinions on the highs and lows and also predict what the future…

  • Episode 137 Killer Bee

    Episode 137 Killer Bee

    Ep. 137 Killer Bee This week we talk about the Marvel Chaser and series release details. A new Run Disney mini medal is released. We get updated info on the Japan D23 vinyls and some Disney Store releases and deals. We also go over more info about the 2013 DeeVee Awards. Download podcast

  • Urban Redux 2 Chaser Revealed

    by Brendt Today, the official Vinylmation blog posted an article revealing the Urban Redux 2 Chaser. Take a look at the vinyl below: Thomas Scott designed this figure, and I absolutely love it. I hope that’s the image he thinks of all of us collectors, be it at a trading event, a signing event, or…

  • Episode 138 Side Mickey

    Episode 138 Side Mickey

    Ep. 138 Side Mickey This week we talk about the release of Jingle Smells 3, the reveal of the Urban Redux 2 Chaser and some new Japan figures for the holidays. We also have a full release and events calendar. Download podcast