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  • RoE: Aladdin Junior Series

    RoE: Aladdin Junior Series

    An 18 figure Aladdin Junior series designed by the Disney Store will be released in 2014. They did a great job giving us variations on the characters. Also, artwork on juniors is amazing these days.  Aladdin, Jasmine, Prince Ali, Cave of Wonders, Sultan, Magic Carpet, Abu, Abu as Elephant, Rajah Genie, Cobra, Henchman, Jafar, Iago, […]

  • Villains 4 Explained

    Villains 4 Explained

    Villains 4 Explained Rumored Release Date: October 14, 2013 Disney Stores First photos courtesy of Vinylmation Kingdom: Aladdin Guard (Aladdin) Cyclops (Hercules) Pain (Hercules) Oogie Boogie (Nightmare) McLeach (Rescuers Down Under) Sheriff of Nottingham  (Robin Hood) Dr. Frankenollie (Runaway Brain) Fat Cat (Rescue Rangers) Rhino Guard (Robin Hood) Malificent (Sleeping Beauty) Gantu (Lilo and Stitch) […]

  • Jingle Smells 3 Features Character Nutcrackers

    Jingle Smells 3 Features Character Nutcrackers

    The 2013 installment of Vinylmation’s best smelling series will have the theme of Disney Characters as Nutcrackers. Vinylmation World has posted a leaked photo of Jingle Smells 3 and it features a peppermint scented Goofy, a Mickey that smells like sugar cookie, Minnie with a strawberry scent and a chocolate scented Donald. Like the previous […]

  • Pixar 2 Chaser

    Pixar 2 Chaser

    Pixar 2 was released early at a UK Disney Store and a Vinylmation Kingdom staff member pulled the chaser from the series. Click below to reveal it. Pixar 2 is due out at D-Streets, Disney Stores and Online on November 15th

  • Vinylmation Prognostication

    Vinylmation Prognostication

    Welcome to Vinylmation Prognostication! In this column I will be brainstorming “blue sky” ideas of what I would like to see future Vinylmation series feature. I will examine the potential futures of current Vinylmation series as well as think up new series that I (and maybe other Disney fans!) would like to see. Since I […]

  • February 1st Patty Landing Artist Signing

    February 1st Patty Landing Artist Signing

    On February 1st, artist Patty Landing (Cutesters at the Beach) will be signing the 2013 Poster Art she designed for the month of February. She will be at the Pin Traders kiosk in the Marketplace at Downtown Disney in Orlando from 5p-7p. She will sign the calendar, pin and Vinylmation.

  • Online Petition to Save Park Trading Boxes

    On Episode 107 of the Destination Vinylmation Podcast, we interviewed Bryan Forsberg. He is a WDW Annual Passholder who began a dialog with Disney and started an online petition to save the trading boxes at the parks. If you believe in saving the trading boxes, there are two things you can do about it right now. 1. […]

  • Fantasia 7 Offers More Pastoral Symphony

    Fantasia 7 Offers More Pastoral Symphony

    Fantasia 7 will be released at D-Streets and Online on April 26. The combo was designed by Thomas Scott, will retail for $24.95 and is LE 1500. Today, we got our first glimpse of this pair. First up is Zeus. And here he is from the Disney film… The second figure in the pack is Hephaestus. […]