WDWNT: The Magazine – “Instagramming” the World: A Primer

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Have you heard of Instagram?  This popular free mobile application available through Apple’s App Store and Google Play allows its users to creatively edit and post pictures or videos. Using Instagram, millions of Disney fans around the world share their memorable experiences in Disney Parks, their Disney pin or Vinylmation collections, or Disney-inspired artwork.

Disney posts on Instagram are connected through a principle feature of this app: hashtags (#).  Hashtags allow users to specify what exactly is in a photo or video by placing a number sign in front of a word or short phrase that describes an element of what is being posted.  Those with an Instagram account have the ability to search all posts that have been made with a certain hashtag, which is the main factor contributing to Disney-based accounts becoming known amongst other Disney fans.

Nearly 11 million posts have been tagged by #disney, and over 1 million posts have been tagged by #disneyworld.  These hashtags serve as a portal for Disney enthusiasts to be instantly transported to a realm of all things Disney.  The Instagram posts of Walt Disney World, such as @wesleystewartphotography’s photo of The Fountain of Nations and Spaceship Earth, allow thousands of users to reminisce on their memories and feel immersed into the setting of the photograph.  As an approach to showcase photography (and as of four months ago, video), this movement to extend the territory of Disney to a media-driven level can perhaps can only increase the Walt Disney Company’s worldwide popularity.

Instagram offers another feature that is also a useful tool to find other Disney related posts.  When finalizing a post, Instagram provides the opportunity to “Name This Location.” At this time, you can indicate where the photo/video was taken, and your post will be linked to this location. For example, if your post takes place in the location, “Magic Kingdom Park”, Instagram will join your post with the millions of others from this area. With this facet of the application, its users have the capability to view the most recent posts of any specific area of the world.

Disney Parks are not the only aspect of the world of Disney that are commonly shared; the communities of Disney Pins and Vinylmation collectors are also growing.  The account, @disneypinsforever, posts pictures of her pin collection and of many pins that she will trade or sell.  Epitomizing creativity, @evilos specializes in customizing Vinylmations as well as other Disney vinyl figures.  This Instagram account user posted a picture of his custom-made, intricately detailed Ezra Vinylmation that was displayed at DesignerCon 2013.  Disney collectors can use Instagram as an opportunity to delve into the endless number of accounts that share the same interests.  Other users such as @thelittleartista and @disneyartwork utilize their extraordinary talents in fine arts to display their love of Disney characters.  Artists’ creative portrayal of all things Disney through Instagram photos brings the large number of Instagram’s Disney fans together to collectively enjoy others’ appreciation of Disney. It is because of Instagram that those who demonstrate extreme artistic inclinations through their passion for Disney can receive recognition from others who will understand and appreciate these types of artwork.

Has it been too long since your last visit to a Disney park?  Is collecting Disney pins or Vinylmation a hobby of yours?  If so, you’ll want to explore the millions of pictures/videos on Instagram. Instagram is an increasingly popular social outlet for those interested in and/or wanting to connect to fellow Disney fans.

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