VIDEO: Talking Mickey Mouse Meet-And-Greet At Walt Disney World “Magically” Debuts


We have been talking about talking Mickey Mouse for a long, long time on WDWNT and we’re happy to report that the meet-and-greet experience finally permanently installed on October 22nd! We took a trip over to the Magic Kingdom last night to see Mickey in action and it was honestly everything I thought it would be and more. This video of Mickey interacting with other guests and our kids needs to be seen to be believed:

Eventually Mickey will know the guest’s name and more information about them once they walk in with their MagicBands, but until then he is still talking up a storm and delighting guests daily at the Magic Kingdom in Town Square Theater.

In my opinion, talking Mickey is one of those things that will stun every guest and may even become the highlight of their vacation. The time Mickey now spends with the guest is so much more meaningful since he can reach into a bag of tricks and truly personalize the interaction he has with them. The “tea cup” experience we had is just one of a countless number of “bits” Mickey can utilize to interact and I expect it will very rare to get the same experience twice. Our kids have met Mickey countless times, so as you can see in the video, they were practically stunned silent when he spoke to them. This isn’t a negative however as when we asked them if they liked talking to Mickey after we had exited, they had clearly thought it was very cool and enjoyed it immensely. We will for sure keep going back to see more of what Mickey can do!

So, what do you think? Is this something that will forever change the Walt Disney World Experience? Do you like the idea of talking to your favorite character?

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