Defend Wonderland in the All New Mobile Game “Alice in Wonderland: A New Champion”


Disney Interactive has launched the all-new mobile game “Alice in Wonderland: A New Champion”, and not a moment too soon as Wonderland needs your help.  In this free-to-play game inspired by the 2010 live-action film, players explore the unbelieveable world of Wonderland while crafting tools and solving riddles, with the ultimate goal of taking on the role of the White Queen’s Champion in order to help Alice save Wonderland from the Red Queen and her minions.

Key Features Include:

  • Playing with familiar friends, like Alice, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, and the White Rabbit.
  • Experiencing visually mesmerizing scenes such as Bayard’s Village, the Mad Tea Party, and the grand White Queen’s Castle.
  • Using resources and crafting tools to help defend Wonderland.
  • Solving whimsical riddles to help make sense of the twisty logic that makes Wonderland so zany.

Here are some scenes from this enchanting game:





“Alice in Wonderland: A New Champion” is available on iOS in the iTunes App Store and will be soon on Android devices.  Download your free copy today before you become Mad as a Hatter!


Images courtesy of the Walt Disney Company.

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