Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World” Ultimate Mentor Adventure To Promote STEM Fields For Girls

In conjunction with the November 8 release of  Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World, Marvel Studios, Underwriters Laboratories, Dolby Laboratories, the National Academy of Science, Girl Scouts USA and the famous El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood are teaming up to sponsor a nationwide program: Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World Ultimate Mentor Adventure.

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Open to girls 14 and up in grades 9-12, this nationwide initiative aims to allow young girls to explore their potential and future in the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines. Through the combined sponsorship of the groups mentioned above, girls will have the opportunity to interact with women in the real world currently working in STEM fields, discovering what they do, how they got to their positions, and how young girls can follow in their footsteps.

Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World Ultimate Mentor Adventure is a chance to inspire a generation and by doing so, to change their future –and ours – for the better,” said Victoria Alonso, EVP, Visual Effects & Post Production, Marvel Studios.

Finalists in the program will win a one-week trip to Southern California provided by Underwriters Laboratories and Dolby Laboratories. They will meet some of the most incredible women in science such as Dolby Laboratory Senior Scientists, as well as conduct interviews and be allowed to participate in challenging experiments. They will also be able to attend interactive events and get behind-the-scenes access not normally granted to the public, all while having their experience filmed.

On Friday, November 8th, the winners will complete their trip and be recognized at the premiere screening of a documentary short about their experience. The video short will be shown at the El Capitan Theatre before the screening of Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World.

For more information about the program, including official rules and how to apply, visit

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