What’s Old Is New Again With New Disney Parks Toys Coming This Fall

No one makes toys like they used to… With a multitude of electronic toys on the market, who doesn’t miss the toys from our childhoods?

Disney Parks will be releasing some super cool retro novelty toys and games this Fall.  Penny pinchers can have a little extra fun saving their coins with this new Pluto bank. When a coin is dropped into Pluto’s dish, he licks his plate clean. Kids will have it full of coins in no time, just to see Pluto in action.


Pluto Bank Coming to Disney Parks for Fall 2013

Mustaches are everywhere these days, and the Disney Parks are coming out with their own line of Mouse-Staches. These peel-and-stick mustaches come in the Walt Disney style, or the multi-pack of staches from Geppetto,  Sully, the Cheshire Cat, Jafar, Captain Hook, and the Hitchhiking Ghosts.


Disney Mouse-Staches Coming to Disney Parks for Fall 2013

The Disneyvision is a small retro television that measures about 7-inches tall by 5-inches wide. It was designed by the Disney Design Group Artist, Lin Shih. The Disneyvision set comes with six different characters that can be placed into the television. Once the Disneyvision set is turned on, you can control the speed of six built-in LED strobe lights and motion of the characters by turning the dials. This lighting effect makes it appear like the characters are animated.

Disneyvision Coming to Disney Parks for Fall 2013

And finally, there must be something for the Disney Princesses out there. New items are arriving this Fall, including a small rubber ball inspired by an underwater scene from “The Little Mermaid,” a 500-piece puzzle featuring the works of Thomas Kinkade, and a small castle coin bank adorned with Cinderella, Belle, Ariel and Rapunzel.

Disney Princess Toys Coming to Disney Parks for Fall 2013

What cool retro toys will you be picking up in the Parks this Fall?

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