PHOTOS: FountainView at Epcot Re-Opens as Starbucks Location

FountainView at Epcot re-opened yesterday after several months of remodeling for the Starbucks takeover. Let’s take a look at this new location:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The exterior keeps the round shape, but looks very different

At night, the signage is a different color depending on where you are looking at it from

Yes, there is a big Starbucks logo in Epcot…


The menu is identical to the Main Street location, offering 4 breakfast sandwiches, assorted pastries, and drinks

The inside looks really sharp and has a feel very much like current Spaceship Earth or Test Track

An assortment of Starbucks products here as well

Overall, there is nothing really special about this location, but we think it looks really nice. Now the question is when is Starbucks coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom and where will they be going?

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