“Celebrate The Magic” Adding Disney Villains To The Mix Starting Sunday

Just in time for Halloween, some of the Disney Villains are coming to Celebrate the Magic on Sunday, September 1st:



This new segment of “Celebrate the Magic” places the Disney villains center stage. From the sea witch Ursula, lording over the poor unfortunate souls trapped in her underwater lair, to the demon Chernabog from Walt Disney’s “Fantasia,” spreading his wings across the face of Cinderella Castle, it promises to be a particularly dark and foreboding chapter.


Things heat up as Maleficent casts a forest of thorns around the base of the castle, and then transforms into a wicked, fire-breathing dragon who threatens to destroy the very magic we’ve come to celebrate. Fear not, though. As with all great Disney stories, this one is sure to have a happy ending.

Stay tuned to WDWNT.com as we will have coverage of the debut of this new segment over the weekend.

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