VIDEO: This is what we call “My Muppets Show”!


Imagine being able to build your own band! Well now you can, in Disney Interactive’s new free game “My Muppets Show”, available now on Android and iOS mobile devices. Join all your favorite Muppets in this game of building music, to create a band of epic proportions.

MuppetsImage3   MuppetsImage2   MuppetsImage1   MuppetsImage5   MuppetsImage4

Players, you will manage your own Muppet Theater stage, and then recruit all your favorite Muppets to sing and play all sorts of crazy instruments, and get ready to put on the show! Once you unlock all your Muppets into your band, you can play a gig of a lifetime.

In this fun Disney Interactive game, you’ll get the chance to:

  • Collect over 20 different Muppets, some old favorites and also some new Muppets
  • Perform over a variety of stages, including Muppet Theater and Swedish Chef’s Kitchen
  • Send your Muppets on recruiting missions to find more Muppets, using inventions from Bunson & Beaker
  • Play with friends by visiting their stages to give ratings and collect prizes

Check out highlights of this funny and irresistible new game here:

So get the band back together with “My Muppets Show” today, available for Android and iOS.

Video and Images courtesy of the Walt Disney Company  

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