Disney Releases ‘Sugar Rush’ Game on New Leap Motion Platform

SugarRush4Disney Interactive has launched the game Sugar Rush, which is based on the movie Wreck-It Ralph, on the new Leap Motion platform.

Leap Motion is a new technology which allows users to interact with their computer in a real and natural way without a mouse or keyboard.

The way Leap Motion works is with the use of a small 3” controller that connects to your computer (Mac/Windows) using USB. Once connected, you wave your hands around the area above the controller and it will be detected on your computer allowing you to do practically anything. The controller senses how you move your hands the way you naturally move them. So you can just point, wave, reach, and grab. Leap Motion will recognize all these gestures instantly without having to learn any new gestures.

Cool, huh? Well, Disney thought so and released their very first game for the platform based on the movie Wreck-It Ralph. Sugar Rush allows players to create your own “sugar-filled” candy kart and race through 4 challenging speedways. Similar to Mario Kart, you’ll have “objects” that can be used against your challengers like sweet seekers, cherry bombs, and sticky slicks.

Leap Motion is available for purchase now for just $79.99 and Sugar Rush is available through the Airspace Store for just $1.99.

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