Dessert Menu Revealed for the Revamped California Grill

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but the California Grill’s grand reopening will be much sweeter! Guests have been missing the California Grill for months now, but the re-opening date is close approaching (rumored to be around August 25th).

Pastry Chef Jeff Barnes gave a preview of a few of the new desserts for the California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. The new dessert menu will feature several new additions that Chef Barnes and his artistic team have been creating.

“You’re going to see a big change with some new concepts. This is our chance to create a new menu with a fresh infusion of California, and it’s coming together nicely,” says Chef Jeff, stating that the new theme of the menu is “artful and playful.”

New to the California Grill menu is a dessert trio with a Coke float, strawberry sundae and caramel corn sundae, “too good and tempting to have such great flavors on one plate,” Chef Barnes says.


The chocolate pudding cake is made with a 70% Dark Chocolate from Belgium


Banana fritters, dusted with sugar, are served with chocolate and marshmallows


And don’t forget the Lemon Meringue Cheesecake! Served with fresh fruit, it’s light and refreshing


Keep checking with for more details about the California Grill’s grand reopening date; we will be sure to update you as more information becomes available.

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