PHOTOS & VIDEO: Mickey & Minnie Move Into Adventurers Outpost at Animal Kingdom

With the closure of Camp Minnie-Mickey eminent, we were promised a new home for Mickey and Minnie somewhere in Animal Kingdom a few months ago. The location turned out to be the former Beastly Bazaar shop that reopened today after some delay as Adventurers Outpost, supposedly Mickey and Minnie’s exploration headquarters. Take a look:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The entrance

A temporary sign in place until the entire experience is complete

The interior queue

There are many pictures of Mickey and Minnie out on adventurers through the queue

This is one fo the two holding rooms. There are two rooms where guests can meet Mickey and Minnie, however the second room was not ready for guests today

The actual meet and greet has Mickey and Minnie in front of a large map with some assorted travel gear and knick-knacks strewn across the room

The map is a really nice backdrop

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We were the very first guests to ever meet Mickey and Minnie here, so I thought I would break tradition and include a personal picture

Here is a very short video walkthrough of the queue and meet and greet we took as the first guests to enter Adventurers Outpost. Sorry if it seems a bit rushed, but we were the first to enter and there was no line to force us to stop along the way in the queue:

So, what do you think of Mickey and Minnie’s new home at Animal Kingdom?

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