Next-Gen “Memory Maker” To Help Guests Make Video Memories While They Wait In Line

While we have heard plenty about MyMagic+ offerings like MagicBand, FastPass+, and MyDisneyExperience, there is still another piece of the puzzle that remains somewhat a mystery…


While we don’t have a lot of details on exactly what Memory Maker (or My Memory Maker) will encompass, it seems that guests will be able to interact with certain props in queues for attractions and create video memories that they can see on their phones or when they return home. A prop recently installed at MuppetVision 3-D may give us some clues to how Memory Maker works:


If what we have heard is correct, guests could walk up to this mirror and prompt an interactive moment with The Muppets that will be video recorded by stationary hidden cameras. The guest’s MagicBand would be read and the system would connect the guest with their account on MyDisneyExperience, sending their video right into their app on their phone. Guests without the app should receive an email with the video.

The idea behind this is guests are often so busy doing attractions and sticking to a schedule to get everything done in a given day that they forget to take out their cameras and record moments from their vacation. This offering would be an interactive and fun way to save guest’s the hassle and make sure they have some video from their vacation when they return home. Also, what guest won’t want to interact with some of their favorite characters while they wait in line?

We will share more information on this story as it becomes available.

So, what do you think of Memory Maker? Good idea? Bad idea?

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