Michael Wada’s 2/17/13 DLR Photo Report

Michael Wada's 2/17/13 DLR Photo Report

DLNT Reporter Michael Wada was at the Disneyland Resort this past weekend and got some great pictures of Fantasy Faire and of the Oz hot air balloon.

As part as a multi-city promotion, The “Journey to Oz Balloon Tour” landed this weekend at the Disneyland Resort

and yes it is a real hot air balloon (we have been asked multiple times)


Some filming going on as well. (LOOK AT THE MINI BALLOON!!!!!)

He must have gotten a lot of followers for that twitpic

There it is…

Neat graphic on the side of the trailer

Anyway, on to the theme park, Fantasy Faire is looking great

Maurice’s Treats has showed up

Over in Frontierland, Big Thunder is still closed

The Mark Twain still in dry dock

Michael was nice enough to go around the park and grab some pictures of the Kodak pictures spots

Despite the sponsorship being pulled, Kodak is still has a heavy presence in the park

Sleeping Beauty Castle decorated for True Love Week

Thanks for the report Michael

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