Rainbow Ridge Mining Town to be Refurbished During Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Update at Disneyland Park

By Erin Glover on the Disney Parks Blog:


Earlier this month, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland park closed for a major refurbishment that includes all-new track and updates to the mountain itself as well as other visual elements. One area receiving an update will be the Rainbow Ridge Mining Town. Dating back to 1956 and the Rainbow Caverns Mine Train attraction, Rainbow Ridge Mining Town is a classic feature of Frontierland.

When the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad refurbishment is complete this fall, Rainbow Ridge Mining Town will look very much the same as it always has. It is being refurbished with new materials, but many items from the original area will be reused such as props, signs and select doors, windows and shutters. Several other items are being turned over to the Disney Archives.

“The wildest ride in the wilderness” reopens fall 2013, so hold onto your hats and glasses until then!

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