PHOTOS & VIDEO: Blue Sky Cellar Exhibit Opens Featuring Fantasy Faire & Mickey and the Magical Map

The latest Blue Sky Cellar exhibit opened yesterday and features the new land coming to Disneyland this spring, Fantasy Faire. Photos courtesy of Tim Alcoser.

Starting out with the film show in the exhibit

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On to the photos 

Starting out with the large model of Fantasy Faire 

Royal Hall

Royal Theater 

Tangled Tower 

The show building 

On to some of the concept art, the exhibits were broken down into several different “steps” of the design process. 

First step is research. For Fantasy Faire, WDI researched the original fantasyland as well as the many expansions the land

Second step is “Blue Sky.” This steps shows some of the first drawings of what eventually became Fantasy Faire 

Third step is “concept” 

Fourth step is “feasibility,” turing the concept into something that can fit into the park and make it work 

Our first look at Maurice’s Treats which is a food cart for the area selling specialty baked items and possibly dole whips. 

A look inside Royal Hall 

An Owl Newl Post 

The Royal Hall logo 
The final step is Implementation

Poster for the Meet and Greet, Royal Hall 

Here is the sign for Fairytale Treasures, the merchandise location for Fantasy Faire. 

Neat tribute to Carnation Gardens 

Cool CGI concept of the area 

Neat art for Royal Hall 

Imagineers talked a lot about a neat music box in the land featuring Clopin from Hunchback of Notre Dame 

We are really excited about this. An outdoor Figaro animatronic will be placed on a window sill in fantasyland and every so often will wake up and try to grab a nearby animatronic bird. 

A new exhibit featured some concept art of Mickey and The Magical Map as well

The art on display of the show are concepts we have already seen 

Though one new piece of art shown was an overhead look at The Fantasyland Theater. According to this art, a pond we be constructed in front of the theater

The giant interactive map of DCA was removed and replaced with a piece of wall from Fantasy Faire. 

Stay tuned to DLNT as we continue our coverage of Princess Fantasy Faire opening this Spring inside Disneyland Park

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