From Pirates, to Princesses, to Cars, Guest “MagicBands” Will Be Fully Customizable


Disney released a few MagicBand press pictures not too long ago, and if you look closely, you can see guests using bands of various designs and colors


If you look really closely, you can even see one child has a Pirates of the Caribbean themed MagicBand

This is really just the beginning of the customization options for MagicBand, as there will be bands representing characters such as the Fab 5, Disney Princesses, and PIXAR characters, just to name a few. There are even rumors that companies like Dooney & Burke and Swarovski will produce upscale vanity bands that guests can buy as well. If a wristband isn’t your thing, Disney plans on creating watches, keychains, and various jewelry that can also serve as your MagicBand.

Resort guests and Annual Passholders will be the only guests receiving bands complimentary at first, with all other guests using new RFID tickets at launch of MyMagic+. All guest can then customize or buy vanity bands at their leisure. Eventually the plan is for all guests to get bands instead of tickets.

So, what do you think of MagicBand?

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