Urban Redux Super Mystery Chasers Revealed

I am very impressed with the Disney Merchandise Blog. As we talked about in the last DV Podcast episode, the Merchandise Blog is taking the lead in being THE source for news on Disney theme parks merchandise releases. The official Vinylmation blog and now the official Pin blog, both redirect to the merchandise blog. I do think the consolidation and dedicated authors is a great thing… now that they are setting this precedent, let’s hope they keep it up. Now, onto the BIG news.

There are a total of 24 one-of-a-kind Super Mystery Chasers inserted into Urban Redux Series 1. Above, you can see just 6 of them. There are 4 from each artist. At least in this group, they appear to be spin offs from the original set designs. Caley drew an ant from her ant farm. Monty drew the Pig in full form from his Pig, Bunny, Turtle figure. And Maria drew a Cat Ninja to go with her human ninja in the set. I keep loving the idea of this series more and more! I know there will be debate on this, but I enjoy the fact that the Super Mystery Chasers have something to do with the figures from the base set. They almost tell a mini story. Challenge: If you come to own all four Redux customs from a single artist, you get to co-host an episode of the Destination Vinylmation podcast with us!

We wondered if we would ever see these. It is good to know that we will eventually see all the designs via the Disney Merchandise Blog. They promise peeks at the remaining figures. They also link to a Disney Parks Blog article about Redux and point guests to the online store for purchase. And, in another post, they reveal the chaser to the upcoming Cutesters en Vogue and promise to show us the variants next week. Now, we have already seen them all, from photos they already hid online, plus the series is already out in Paris… but this could mark a shift in philosophy for the blogs. Stay tuned. So far, a wonderful start to this much needed Disney blog.

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