Updated Release Dates

Mark those calendars, because the official Vinylmation blog has posted some upcoming release dates throughout the rest of October and November.  October 18th sees the release of the 4th Disney Afternoons two-pack.  Designed by Maria Clapsis, it will retail for $29.95 (parks and online, LE 1500).

Next up, the final release this month will be the second series of The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Already released at Reflections of Evil, the general public will now get a chance to finish up their sets.  It is releasing both at the parks and online.

The first release of November takes place on November 1st, and is the next installment of the poster series.  This one is a Paola Gutierrez design, and will retail for $14.95 at the parks only (LE 2013).

Also releasing on the first is an assortment of Holiday themed vinyls.  These range from an ornament two-pack designed by Caley Hicks ($24.95, parks and online),

to an adorable two-pack designed by Maria Clapsis, which features Mickey and Minnie on ice skates!!! ($24.95, parks and online)

and another Maria Clapsis design, a Santa Minnie, to accompany your Santa Mickey that was released last year ($14.95, parks and online).

The next date that is having releases is November 8th, and its a big one.  First up is the second Meet-And-Greet Mickey.  Themed around Festival of the Masters, it contains a yellow and red design, and is produced by Thomas Scott (LE 500, $49.95, WDW only).

Another Festival of the Masters exclusive is a Ron Cohee designed Mickey, which will also feature a paint splattered variant similar to the Gusteau released at the Food and Wine festival.  Each blind box will be $16.95, limited to 1200, and is exclusive to WDW.  These will also follow the 9/10 and 1/10 ratio.

WDW stays busy with the exclusive Animal Kingdom two-packs.  First previewed at ROE, they are designed by Maria Clapsis and reflect artwork from Animal Kingdom.  The expressions on Mickey and Pooh’s faces are just priceless.  Each pack is limited to 2000 and is $29.95.

Believe it or not, Vinylmation is already 5 years old!!! And what better way to commemorate this than an exclusive vinyl!! This is a Thomas Scott design, that will also feature a bright green variant.  The vinyl is an LE 1000, which means that there are just 100 of the variants out there, so good luck!! They will retail for $16.95 each, and will be sold both at the parks and online.

And finally, we get to the release I am most excited about, the Marvel two-pack.  This set was designed by Thomas Scott, and features Yellowjacket and The Wasp.  It is highly limited to 1000, so if you want to complete your original members of The Avengers, you better get to D-Street early!! It is parks only and will cost $29.95.

So which release are you most excited about? Anyone else terrified about how broke they are about to be?


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