Update from Japan d23, Including a VARIANT

Last night, pictures from the d23 convention being held in Japan flooded social media.  While rumors swirled about possible variants and super chasers, Vinylmation World helped clear some of that up.  They posted some pictures from Instagram user Umokichi, which includes all 8 figures lined up, including the Oswald chaser, as well as a picture of a recently discovered variant from the set.

Here are the 8 previewed designs together:

And here is the variant, its Tink with golden Mickey ears:

A pretty cool design I think, and sure to be sought out by Tink fans.  This set is already proving to be insanely popular, as its being passed around that this set has already SOLD OUT. What do you guys think? Are you a fan of the Japanese designs, or do you prefer the vinyls pumped out stateside? Let us know!!

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