Dennis Conroy posted these photos to Vinylmation Exchange today:

They are photos of the upcoming Disney Store Masks Vinylmation series. Each figure comes with that piece over their head as a “mask.” They remove to uncover the character below. However, the character does not match up with the rest of the body. This could be done for comedic effect OR they could be mix and match heads!

Under the surgeon’s mask, looks like the hockey player. Under the hockey mask, looks like the spa lady with cucumbers on the eyes. Under the ninja’s mask, looks like the villain. And under the spa mask, looks like… well, my theory kind of dead ends there. Maybe the surgeon or kabuki guy.

Any way you slice it, this is shaping up to be one of the most forgettable sets ever made. At least in the eyes of Vinylmation collectors. Shoppers at the Disney Store looking to add “fun” merchandise to their carts will probably toss a few blind boxes in. But a quick look at comments around the community make me think not many collectors will.

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