The Custom Artist Project Series 3: Park Redux to Release November 22

The Custom Artist Project is the original collaborative multi-artist Vinylmation series consisting of several of the best Vinylmation custom artists in the world. Each series is made up of 24 figures, 2 of each and 1 mystery chaser, to replicate a real Vinylmation case. The series started in the summer of 2012 with Series 1: Sidekickz, followed up in the Spring of 2013 with Series 2: Pixar.

Series 3: Park Redux is being released on November 22nd, 2013. For this series, each artist chose an already existing figure from one of the official Vinylmation Park series and redesigned them. The figures are

Park 12 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh REDUX by Are Jay

Park 1 Bad Apple REDUX by Brian Shapiro

Park 5 Anubis REDUX by Celeste Villanueva

Park 1 Creepy Wallpaper REDUX by Christopher Avalos aka Evilos

Park 2 Festival of the Lion King REDUX by Heather Kattelman

Park 3 It’s a Small World REDUX by Jenny Grinsell

Park 11 World of Color REDUX by Mike Vetrone

Park 4 Pirates Dog REDUX by Miranda Legendre

Park 1 Yeti REDUX by Nanette Simard Belgen aka NRB Relic

Park 6 Monstro REDUX by Dylan Pommer aka Rust This World

Park 5 Fantasmic REDUX by Ryan Branoff

Park 1 Red Balloon by Dylan Pommer aka Rust This World (one of a kind chaser)

There are also five variants in this series:

The figures are astounding in person and Park Redux has proven to be our best series yet. Each previous series has sold out in the first day, so there’s no guarantee these figure will last long. Check out our Facebook group at for pictures of all of the figures and info on each artist.

Official Release Information:
Date: Friday, November 22nd
Time: 9:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM PST
Price: $70 per blind box shipped within the US, +$10 international shipping
Edition size: 25 blind boxes

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