Spotlight On: Millennium Middle School Art Portfolio Students


Melissa and Brandon, the Art Portfolio teachers at Millennium Middle School in Sanford, Florida, have finished another Vinylmation themed project with their students and we would like to share the finished designs with you.

DV: Last year, we spotlighted the Vinylmation themed project you gave to your students. You decided to do this once again this year, with some differences. What were the requirements of this year’s project.

Melissa and Brandon: For this project, our only requirements were that the kids create something new and different from the hundreds of Vinylmation they had seen throughout their time in class. Each student had to do a front and back colored sketch before they could draw their designs in their Vinylmation and begin painting. Students were allowed to create and attach accessories if it enhanced their piece. After creating their Vinylmation, each student designed and created a custom box. We really tried to give the kids lots of creative freedom so they would take pride in their creation and do their best work.



DV: Were your students excited to do this project?
MB: Our kids were so excited! They had created the art for so many Vinylmation at this point that they were thrilled to finally get their hands on the real thing. Some kids were slightly intimidated at first, but once they finished their sketches there was no stopping the excitement.



DV: Now that you have done a Vinylmation themed project with another set of students, do you have a feel for the impact this type of themed learning has on your students?
MB: It’s funny, we just officially finished our Vinylmation unit today and we always get several gasps and sighs when we say we are leaving it behind. Brandon gives the kids a reassuring speech that they can go on- it’s kind of like a eulogy for something they have come to love and rely on. These kids have worked on Vinylmation, in some form, since September. The Vinylmation form has become almost comforting to them. After our first year with Vinylmation, I fell in love with themed projects and have worked it into my other classes (on a much smaller scale). I think themed learning really gives the students a boost of confidence before entering each project by allowing them to use a theme they are already familiar with.  



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