Spotlight On: Jesse Bowers’ Samuel L. Jackson Custom

Artist Jesse Bowers from Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada has only ever painted one Vinylmation. But it caught our eye immediately and inspired me to run out and get a Royale with cheese.

Destination Vinylmation: So this being your first custom Vinylmation, what made you decide to choose this medium for the Samuel L. Jackson Pulp fiction design?
Jesse Bowers: My brother’s girlfriend gave me a vinyl and told me I could paint it however I wanted. I had recently watched Pulp Fiction and I thought a mini Samuel L. Jackson would be a cool idea.

DV: Thanks to you, I now want a 12 figure Samuel L. Jackson set from all his movies. Why did you choose him as your subject? 
JB: That would be a good idea. Pulp Fiction is probably my favorite movie and Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta are the two most hardcore people in that movie. I wanted to paint them both but I haven’t gotten around to painting John Travolta yet.

DV: Have you painted other vinyl toys before Vinylmation?
JB: No I haven’t. I’ve only ever painted on canvas or paper and such. I thought a small toy would be a fun challenge.

DV: Do you plan on designing more custom Vinylmation?
JB: Yes, I thought it would be cool if I continued and painted a 12 figure set of Pulp Fiction characters.

DV: What was the most challenging part about painting on a Vinylmation? 
JB: I would have to say the face. Especially the eyes because they’re so small.

We hope to see more from Jesse in the future!

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