Spotlight On: Jared Flores’ New Customs

Today we got an email from Jared about several new customs he’s made. They are AMAZING. Check out all the new things he’s been able to do with Vinylmation.
Annemarie eat your heart out! How perfect does this look!
Jared has this to say about his new work.
“Lately, I have been trying to outdo myself with my Vinylmation work. These few pieces are an example of this learning process.The Hercules Hydra was sold as part of a private auction, and the rest are all commissioned pieces. All of these pieces are the product of pushing myself past what I have done with Vinylmation before. I am excited about overcoming design challenges to make some really unique versions of some very beloved characters.” – Jared

You can find more about Jared at:

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