Spotlight On: Custom Vinylmation Artist Mike Vetrone

Destination Vinylmation: Great job Mike! Why did you choose Wishes for the subject of your latest custom?
Mike Vetrone: I have done a couple other “night time spectacular” customs in the past (World of Color and Illuminations). A customer approached me and asked me to do one for wishes. I loved this fireworks show when I went to see it too.

DV: Tink looks great! Do you enjoy paining characters or scenery more and why?
MV: Thank you! That’s a tough question. Characters are a ton of fun to paint, but my favorite thing to do is painting them into a scene.

DV: Any characters you enjoy paining more than others?
MV: Tink was a challenge for me. I don’t really know why. I would have to say villains are my favorite to paint.

DV: Was there any challenge in finding the perfect way to paint the fireworks?
MV: The fireworks were a  ton of fun to paint. I have tried several ways now to paint  fireworks and I feel this has been the most effective way.

Mike Vetrone
Crawl Apparel
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