Spotlight On: Cesar Diaz’s Custom Iron Man with Packaging

Destination Vinylmation: What inspired this custom creation?
Cesar Diaz: Iron Man 3 of course. For me this is the most anticipated movie this year. I’ve always been a big Star Wars toy collector. I have hundreds of carded figures and I love the look the toy brings when it’s carded. I knew I wanted to do a Iron Man Mark 42 suit in honor of the movie but I felt it wasn’t enough just making a custom vinyl, I had to step it up a notch. So I started researching how to make custom card backs and to my surprise I found out that a lot of people do Star Wars toy restoration. I got very fascinated how they do this and hence began my journey to make my own card back.

DV: Was the packaging difficult to create?
CD: 90% of the work is done in Photoshop  Luckily I know Photoshop pretty well so no problem there. The challenge was to find a bubble blister that would fit a Vinylmation. I never realized how chubby Vinylmations are until I actually tried to make it fit in the bubble. I did a a lot of trial and error until I got it just right.

DV: Are you excited about the results?
CD: I’m really happy how this piece turned out and this has to be one of my favorites. I’ve received so many PMs to buy this piece so to make things fair I’ve decided to post it on Vinylmation Exchange: Bid Wars. Later in the week I will post on my FB page when it will go up for auction.

Cesar Diaz
Twitter: @mycustomations
Instagram: customations

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