Spotlight On: Casey’s Custom Accessories

We spotlight lots of custom artists on DV, but Casey Maute has put a twist on things. He creates custom accessories for your Vinylmation.

Destination Vinylmation: First off, what gave you the idea to start creating accessories for Vinylmation figures?
Casey Maute: I made my first ever painted custom for my friend and it looked pretty ridiculous… it looked like a baby so I figured it needed a baby piano! After I made that, he encouraged me to make more accessories. I’ve been working with clay for years now, making jewelry… so it was a perfect way to use my love of vinyls to continue with my clay work.

DV: Have you created any custom Vinylmation?
CM: I have! I’ve made one 3″ Winnie the Pooh for myself.. it’s not the greatest.. but I wanted to at least try to do a custom.. Then, I made the custom Sonny Eclipse with his baby “Fisher-Price” piano. I haven’t done any more painting, and stick to accessories now.

DV: You seem to create accessories for both Disney produced and custom figures.
CM: Most of the customs I make accessories for are for the artists. I’ve done a whole series of accessories for Crazy4Vinyls for his Simpsons series and I’ve done several for Jenny Grinsell’s customs.

DV: I am huge Sonny Eclipse fan. I have to visit him often to sit through a show even if I don’t eat there. You feature a lot of Sonny Eclipse, are you a fan as well?
CM: I’ve become a fan, but anything Sonny Eclipse related was for Shane Russell’s Sonny Eclipse army! He’s really let me get creative and make up all kinds of crazy things for his Sonny’s to wear.

DV: Did you create the custom Sonnys we see in the photos? If so, can you tell us about them?
CM: I did not, the credit goes all to Jenny Grinsell! She’s amazing and really has taken customs to the next level with her level of detail and creativity.

DV: Do you plan on selling your accessories? If so, do you take requests?
CM: Yes, and yes! Anyone can message me on my Facebook fan page and request a custom accessory. I’ll let you know how much it costs and if its doable. I can always recreate something, or work with you to make something totally unique.

Follow Casey on Facebook and Instagram to see more of his work and contact him with your requests.
Instagram: @osohandmade

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