Rumored Release Dates and Series: Muppets, Masks and Surf

Some rumored release dates, and one never before heard of series, were posted by Vinylmation Kingdom. Remember, these are not confirmed by Disney, but let’s take a look.

May 20: Masks Series
We hered rumblings of this series a few months ago, now we have a rumored release date and a leaked photo posted by Vinylmation World.

Looks like we have: Cowboy, Theater, Ninja, Bank Robber, Hockey Player, Spa, Kabuki, Surgeon, Scuba, Beauty Sleep, Villain.

June 24: Mickey Surfs
We have to assume it will be similar to Wild West or Disney Tunes. I should take Disney characters and put them in a beach theme.

July 26: Muppets 3
Yay! Here are some previews we saw back a Mickey’s Circus.

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