Rumor of More Disney Afternoon Series 2

Vinylmation Kingdom is reporting a few more names on the Disney Afternoon Series 2 list. They have info from a source who says to watch out for a second combo of both Darkwing Duck and Talespin and a first combo pack of Gummi Bears.

Duck Tales and Rescue Rangers have already been announced for series two. Gummi Bears is interesting because we saw “dumpster divers” a long time ago from a Hong Kong eBay seller. These were prototypes or tests produced but never meant for public consumption. They were trashed, but apparently some made their way out of the bin.

NOTE: Before all the comments begin to stream in… these Gummi Bears pictured below ARE NOT the vinyls rumored above. These are photos of the “dumpster divers” and were produced on the original Mickey platform. We fully expect the new Gummi Bears, if proven true, to be produced on the current Mickey platform.

As far as a second Darkwing and Talespin set… what characters do you want to see?

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