Pixar Series 2 Leaked Product Shot

By Brendt

The news keeps trickling in today, as Vinylmation Exchange member Stevan Agbaba posted the first image of the physical Pixar series #2 vinyls.  We got a sneak peak of this set at Reflections of Evil, and now we can finally see how detailed some of the figures are.  Take a look:


Some of these figures are straight winners, as I love Dory, Boo, and Mr. Pricklepants.  Emile, and Alpha are great representations, but a tad plane.  Same goes for Dot, and the jury is still out on Elastigirl for me.  I think this is a great follow up to the first Pixar series, and the Disney Store crew have done a great job with these designs.  What are your guys thoughts? Any ideas for the Chaser?

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