Park Starz Series 1 Will Not Be Reorded

It is funny at time what information Disney chooses to share and what they do not. Recently, they posted an update of sorts on Park Starz Series 1.

File this under the “going, going, gone” category.  We recently learned that Vinylmation Park Starz Series 1 is almost gone.  There is a few weeks’ supply remaining of these limited release mystery tins only at D Street in Downtown Disney West Side in Florida.  Once they are gone, there are no plans to reorder this series.

First of all, I like the fact that they will not reorder series 1 since series 2 has been released. Second, I like the update.

I wish they kept us more informed about the status of series for Vinylmation. I assume the post is meant to help move the product off the shelves and is less about informing the community… but I’ll take it.

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